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Berry Middle School

Counselor’s Corner


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Please click the link below if you need to speak with a grade level counselor at Berry. Please be advised this Google Form is not monitored 24/7. We will get back to you as soon as possible between the hours of 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM Monday - Friday. Services provided will be based upon parent opt in.

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What Types of Programs Are Offered?

The Berry Middle School Counseling Program focuses on increasing academic performance, preparing each student to be college and career ready, and creating a positive school climate.  School-wide programs include bully prevention, character education, and substance abuse prevention.  Grade level programs cover academic, career, personal safety, and social / emotional topics.

How Does A Student See The Counselor?

Students can see their grade level counselor in any of the following ways: self-referral (ask to speak with the counselor), parent request, administrator referral, teacher referral, or referral by friends.

What Services Are Offered?

Students may see their grade level counselor for small group and individual counseling to assist them in a variety of areas.

Parents are welcome to call or email their child’s grade level counselor at any time.  Your child's counselor is available for consultation, questions about the best course of action for school concerns, as well as provide outside referrals.

The school's behavior interventionist, Ms. Leanna Hurst, is also on-staff to provide behavioral support. She is able to provide individual and group intervention for students who may need more intensive and ongoing support.  If you would like to talk with Ms. Hurst, please email her at the following: or you may reach her at (205) 439-2990.                                                                                   


Logo for Neighborhood Bridges

Neighborhood Bridges

  Neighborhood Bridges works alongside our existing school-level efforts to assist students in need, helping counselors quickly meet individual needs of children and families.   Neighborhood Bridge delivers:

  • Quick and easy ways to deliver individual needs of children/families (30 seconds to post and meet needs)
  • Empowers school counselors, SROs and faculty to quickly and easily deliver the individual needs of children
  • Engages the community to deliver individual acts of kindness (not just those that have school children)
  • Delivers on key strategic priorities of school systems

Check out the Hoover Neighborhood Bridges page and join the #KindnessIsCool effort.