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Physical Education


Berry Middle School Physical Education Syllabus


Our goal as a Physical Education department is to create a fun, challenging, and engaging environment while providing students with the opportunity to learn a variety of sports and activities that will encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.


  • Promote a healthy lifestyle through sports and exercise
  • Promote teamwork and good sportsmanship
  • Promote positive social skills and good citizenship
  • Promote responsibility through daily expectations

Classroom Expectations

This year Berry will be continuing a school-wide expectation initiative called “Positive Behavior Intervention Support,” or PBIS. Students will be held to a high standard during Physical Education classes and will be asked to follow the STRONG expectations as they pertain, specifically, to P.E. 

Throughout the year all students will have the opportunity to learn and gain experience in the sports and activities shown below:

Sport/Activity Type Sports/Activities Included

Net Sports - Volleyball, Nukem, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Pickleball

Striking Sports - Baseball/Softball, Kickball, Soccer

Target Sports - Archery, Basketball, Golf, Bowling, Lacrosse, Disc Golf,

Rhythmic Movement - Dance, Jump Rope, Tinikling, Aerobics

Other Team Sports - Flag Football, Team Handball, Ultimate Frisbee, Matball

Sports/Activities - Track and Field, Fitness, Speed & Agility

Recreational Games - Tchoukball, Cornhole, Spikeball, Four Square, Pillow Polo, Flickerball, Ladderball

PE Uniforms

Each student is required to dress in his/her school-approved Berry PE uniform. It is the student and parent’s responsibility to wash the uniform at least once per week. Uniforms that are heavily stained or torn will need to be replaced as soon as possible. To purchase a new PE uniform, students will need to visit the school store in the mornings between 7:45 and 8:05 and take their receipt to their PE teacher during their PE period. Costs of a new uniform is $15.00 total ($7.50 for new shirt, $7.50 for new shorts).

Dressing Out 

Dressing out each day is required, and will be part of the student’s daily grade. To be considered fully dressed, the student must wear his/her PE shirt and shorts with their name on them and have the proper footwear (tennis shoes) for physical activity. Students are not allowed to put PE uniforms on over their school clothing. Students may use roll-on or stick deodorant, but all types of spray deodorants, body sprays, colognes, or perfumes are prohibited in the locker room.


Students are responsible for obtaining a pass from their previous teacher if they know they will be late to class. Students that are late to class without a pass will be counted tardy and an infraction will be logged in accordance to PBIS guidelines.

Participation: Each student is required to participate to the fullest of their abilities in each activity. This includes showing great effort, displaying good sportsmanship, and giving full attention to their teacher during instruction. Students that fail to meet the participation expectations will lose their daily points for that activity.


Parent/Doctors Notes If a student has an illness or is injured, he/she is required to present a parent or doctors note with the following information:

  • The extent of the illness or injury
  • What activities (if any) the student can participate in
  • A return-to-play date
  • Other significant information pertaining to the illness or injury as directed by a physician

* Parent notes will be honored for three days.

If a student is not participating in P.E. due to illness or injury, it is required that they bring something to work on (classwork, homework, book to read, etc.) to their P.E. period. Students that will miss for a long period of time may be allowed to work in other areas of the school (grade-level office, media center, etc.) per administration approval.


Students are responsible for knowing their locker number and combination, and keeping all school clothing, PE clothing, and valuables locked in their lockers during the school day. Students should make sure their PE locker is closed and LOCKED after each use.

Assessments and Grading

Students will be assessed based on a combination of criteria, including dress, participation in each activity, formative assessments, cognitive assessments, and the state Physical Fitness Testing.

Electronic Devices

All electronic devices (phones, Chromebooks, etc.) are prohibited from the locker room during the school day. Students that participate in after-school activities must have their electronic devices turned off and in their school bag when in the locker room. If an electronic device is spotted in the locker room during the school day, it will immediately be taken and given to an administrator per school policy (this includes cell phones spotted in the pockets of jeans or shorts). Students in violation of this policy will receive an infraction in accordance with PBIS guidelines.

In-Sport Athletes

Students with sports equipment can enter the locker room at 8:05 each morning to put equipment in their lockers.

P.E. Teacher Contacts