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Berry Attendance Cheat Sheet

 use this link for Hoover City Schools District Attendance policies

Please email or call (205) 439-2000 concerning any attendance issues.

  • Turn in notes WITHIN 3 DAYS OF ABSENCE to any grade level office

  • Notes CAN BE EMAILED with a physical parent signature to:

  • ONLY 9 PARENT EXCUSED absences per year

  • Anticipated Absence Forms must be turned in AT LEAST 3 DAYS PRIOR to the absence

Nine (9) total excused absences per year and nine (9) total excused check ins/check outs per semester is the maximum number of parent notes that can be excused. Each case will be evaluated on an individual basis. Illness, when supported by a physician verification, may be considered as a mitigating circumstance.

Absences are excused for the following reasons:

  • Illness

  • Death in the immediate family

  • Inclement weather

  • Legal quarantine

  • Emergency conditions as determined by the Principal or Superintendent

  • Permission of Principal and consent of parent

Any reason not listed above is considered ‘unexcused’ – such as car trouble, family emergency, personal, or travel.  

When a student returns, the parent must provide in writing within three (3) days of the student’s return to school an excuse which includes the following:

  • Reason for the absence 

  • Specific date of the absence(s)

  • Physical parent/guardian signature (emails without signature are not accepted)

If absence is due to a medical visit, a signed note from the physician’s office is required.



Anticipated Absence form

  • Anticipated Absence Form

    Click on the link above to submit an Anticipated Absence form. Hoover City School's attendance policy is below.

Hoover City School District Attendance Policies