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Teaming at Berry

Academic Teams Create Smaller Learning Environments

At Berry Middle School, students are placed on one of four interdisciplinary academic teams at each grade level. There are four teachers on each team, one for each content area: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, and students rotate daily through these classes.  As a result, all students receive daily instruction from all four interdisciplinary teachers, and the teachers get to know all of the students very well.

The four team teachers work very closely with instructional support teachers, grade level counselors, and grade level administrators to create a supportive and challenging learning environment for their students, as well as to help address concerns as they arise. Team teachers meet weekly with instructional support staff, administration, counselors, and the reading coach. We work together to create a strong team spirit and encourage all students to achieve their best. Students also participate daily in physical education and an elective class of their choice, which may include band, choir, art, computer, family and consumer sciences, Spanish, and/or French. Elective offerings and length of courses vary depending on grade level. PE and Elective teachers also regularly connect with interdisciplinary team teachers in order to be a part of the teaming support and problem-solving process.

The Berry counseling program includes a counselor at each grade level.  Counselors are available to consult with teachers and parents in an effort to help students realize their full potential.  Large and small group career, academic, and social / emotional counseling components are included at each grade.  Each year, students are surveyed to determine their possible interest in small groups such as dealing with divorce, anger, friendship, etc.  Individual counseling is also a major emphasis for Berry counselors. Counselors meet weekly with academic teams to identify students that may need support.  Also, counselors are often an initial point of contact for parents regarding student concerns.  Finally, students may access counselors individually as needed.